Triple Mount for Crossbar


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MFR Code: 4215 Britek
Certain genius designs can sometimes help you save money, and this is very true when it comes to our “Triple mount” adaptors. With this adapter, you can convert your regular light stands and use them as a background support stands as you have limited budget. The two adapters have few unique features, including the dual compatibility that allows you to mount the unit on either the regular light stand or a background support stand. The adapters also feature three safety caps that can be screwed-on to prevent the crossbars from sliding off. Rather than buying a whole new background support system you only use several times a year, you can, instead, purchase and mount the adapter on any light stands and can still get the same quality results as if you were using the background support system. If you already have two light stands or background support stands, and need to assemble a single crossbar background support system, our 4214A Universal Crossbar could be one of your options.
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Specification: (2)Triple Mounts, (2)Adapters, (2)5/8" Studs, (6)Safety Caps, Dimensions: 223mm x 86mm x 27mm

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